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Our RoundTable discussion groups run for 10 weeks and cover the following topics:

  • Week 1  -  different ways of using character strengths
  • Week 2  -  how creativity links to psychological fitness
  • Week 3  -  acting from our values to overcome procrastination
  • Week 4  -  self-awareness, self-regulation & managing reactivity
  • Week 5  -  practicing compassion and letting go of judgment
  • Week 6  -  recognising busy-ness traps and embracing stillness
  • Week 7  -  authenticity reminders for overcoming people pleasing
  • Week 8  -  learning how to trust ourselves as well as others
  • Week 9  -  moving away from fear and towards emotional mastery
  • Week 10  -  wrap up and review: identifying key learnings and next steps

A free way to stay connected

Our weekly 45-minute sessions will connect you with psychological fitness strategies, and connect you with other people through thought-provoking questions and facilitated discussions.

How and when?

There are three RoundTables per week you can choose from, each of which run in ten-week terms. In 2022, Term 2 begins on May 2, Term 3 begins July 25, and Term 4 begins October 10. Follow the link below to register and get your Zoom details. Please note - all times are in Australian Central time (South Australia). Please adjust for your own time zone.


Start your day right with us every Tuesday from 7:30 - 8:15am (Adelaide time).


Wrap up and wind down with a mental fitness recharge from 7:30 - 8:15pm Wednesdays (Adelaide time).

Lunch time

Take a break in your day and week by joining us from 12:30 - 1:15pm Thursdays (Adelaide time).

Frequently Asked Questions

Most sessions will run via Zoom to accommodate for remote, interstate and overseas participants. However, in the instance that all registered participants are in the same city and in-person events are permitted, we may negotiate to run some or all sessions face-to-face.

Yes. Other 10-week Coaching groups will run alongside the RoundTable discussions, at different days and times to be confirmed. These Coaching groups are part of paid programs rather than free like our RoundTables, run for 90 minutes instead of 45, and cover content which is deeper and broader. Email [email protected] for more information or visit our Coaching info page.

No - we understand that things come up, and you may not be able to attend every week. In the case that you miss a session, you're welcome to join another group that week (when we will be covering the same topic), and if you miss a week completely that's fine, the next session isn't dependent on the previous one.

Yes - there will be a core group who will begin and go through together which is great for cohesion and psychological safety, and we will also be welcoming of people who are doing catch-up sessions or joining in later.

All good - feel free to join us even if you're on the go, have poor lighting, or you're in your pyjamas! As long as you have Zoom downloaded on your device, jump in and contribute as much or as little as you like, camera or not.

No catch! These meetings are a great opportunity for relationship building, having enjoyable conversations with wonderful people, and much of my paid work comes from personal referrals and word-of-mouth so it's also good business practice. Your commitment to the sessions is your investment.

Not at all. These RoundTables are designed to be simple and accessible, and provide an introduction to psychological fitness principles. They will be also be attended by members of our community who are knowledgeable about mental fitness and positive psychology, so you can connect with and learn from them in a relaxed, conversational way.

Want more?

Perhaps you'd like a deeper dive into psychological fitness . . . rewire and exercise your brain more intensively through our small group and individual coaching. Get deeper knowledge, make deeper connections.


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