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Meet Bel Ryan

our Australian team counselor 

Belinda Ryan, known to most people as Bel, is an experienced therapist who holds a Bachelor of Communications, a Masters in Counselling, and Diplomas in Transpersonal Counselling and Art Therapy. Not only does she provide services for individuals, she is also an excellent group facilitator and a teacher who trains and supervises other therapists. 

Bel's approach is creative and genuine, and she is driven by her belief in "keeping things real". She has worked extensively with people experiencing grief, vicarious trauma and burnout, and is passionate about fostering self-care for individuals as well as within families and teams. Bel has been a strong advocate for the concept of mental fitness, and we are proud to have her as a colleague and champion of our work at Smith and Wellness.

If you are seeking psychological support one-on-one, or are looking for a creative facilitator who peels back the layers to get to the heart of the issue, we cannot speak highly enough of Bel's work. You can find out more about her here, and for a free no-obligation discussion about your needs click on the button below where you can make a time to speak with Bel via phone or Skype.



Needing urgent help?

Or located outside Australia?

The BetterHelp website lists emergency support services for Australia, Argentina, Canada, China, Finland, Germany, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, the United States, and the UK & Republic of Ireland.

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis from a country not listed above, please search for "urgent mental health support" in your web search engine. 

For online counseling outside of Australia visit BetterHelp to be matched with one of their e-counselors.

Coming soon

Mental Fitness Training Program 2 is currently in development, due in August 2021... stay tuned!


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